Off to School Parties

Welcome to the Stetson Family!

Can't wait to be a new Hatter? We invite you and your family to join us for one of our summer Off-to-School Parties. This yearly tradition brings new students together to meet future classmates and get last-minute questions answered before heading to DeLand. Don't miss your chance to meet current students and staff and fall in love with your new home all over again.

Looking for details on FOCUS Orientation? Not sure about what to pack for your residence hall room? How about some tips for move-in day or balancing your coursework with getting involved? Check out an Off-to-School Party near you to get answers to all of these questions and more! We look forward to seeing you!

Please contact your admission recruiter for details on each event. If you have questions, check the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page; if your question still isn't answered, email your recruiter or call 800-688-0101.

Join Us In Your Area

Location Date
Atlanta, GA July 26
Cleveland, OH July 18
Jacksonville, FL July 11
Lake Mary, FL July 31
Miami, FL July 24
Tampa/St.Petersburg, FL July 29
The Villages, FL August 2
West Palm Beach, FL July 30

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stay for the entire event?

We understand how busy your schedule is right now, and it's OK if you can't stay for the entire event. If you can't stay, please let your recruiter know so that they can send you any information you might miss.

What if I can't make it?

We understand how busy your schedule is right now, and if you can't make it to the event, that's no problem! You can meet your classmates during FOCUS Orientation and also by joining the private, Stetson University students-only Facebook Application or Facebook Group "Stetson University Class of 2019."

How should I dress for the event?

The dress code for these events is casual, but please keep all clothing appropriate. Think, "Would I wear this to school?" If not, you probably shouldn't wear it to the event.

Can I bring my family?

Absolutely! We're looking forward to welcoming you and your family to the Stetson University family! If your party will be any more than four, let your recruiter know so they can plan accordingly.