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Stetson at Starbucks Events

Join us at your local Starbucks to learn more about Stetson University!

We're excited to share in this time of discovery with you and your family.

We're going to be at a Starbucks in your area soon, and we'd love to meet you and your parents! You'll learn why Stetson University is consistently a top-ranked school.

Please contact your admission recruiter for the location and other details of each event. If you have any questions, email your recruiter or call us at 800-688-0101.

Join Us In Your Area

Location Date Recruiter
Alpharette, GA September 10 Kate Hartikka
Andover, Mass. October 7
Atlanta, GA September 15 Kate Hartikka
Baltimore, MD September 28 Rick Swann
Bradenton, FL September 17 Tobin Birney
Charlotte, NC September 24 Kate Hartikka
Chattanooga, TN September 17 Kate Hartikka
Cincinnati, OH October 1 Allan Nedorostek
Columbia, SC September 23 Kate Hartikka
Framingham, Mass. September 24
Lakeland, FL September 15 Tobin Birney
Manchester, NH September 23
Miami, FL October 30 Allan Nedorostek
New York City, NY September 21 Rick Swann
Philadelphia, PA October 26 Rick Swann
Pinellas Park, FL September 16 Tobin Birney
Portland, ME October 2
Raleigh/Durham, NC September 26 Kate Hartikka
Roswell, GA September 11 Kate Hartikka
St. Louis, MO September 15 Dana Dolbow
Tampa, FL September 18 Tobin Birney
West Palm Beach, FL October 24 Allan Nedorostek
Washington, D.C. October 30 Rick Swann
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