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Stetson at Starbucks Events

Join us at your local Starbucks to learn more about Stetson University!

We're excited to share in this time of discovery with you and your family.

We're going to be at a Starbucks in your area soon, and we'd love to meet you and your parents! You'll learn why Stetson University is consistently a top-ranked school.

Please contact your admission recruiter for the location and other details of each event. If you have any questions, email your recruiter or call us at 800-688-0101.

Join Us In Your Area

Location Date Recruiter
Altamonte Springs, Fla. October 15 Jessica Clayton
Andover, Mass. October 2 Robert Andrews
Atlanta, Ga. September 9 Robert Andrews
Atlanta, Ga. September 18 Robert Andrews
Bethesda, Md. September 26 Robert Andrews
Charlotte, N.C. September 26 Robert Andrews
Cincinnati, Ohio September 18 Renee Tuchton
Dallas, Tex. September 15 Jessica Clayton
Daytona Beach, Fla. October 10 Jessica Clayton
East Hampton Village, N.Y. October 18 Robert Andrews
Ellicott City, Md. November 12 Robert Andrews
Framingham, Mass. October 23 Robert Andrews
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. October 24 Renee Tuchton
Ft. Myers, Fla. October 3 Tobin Birney
Garden City, N.Y. October 14 Robert Andrews
Greenville, S.C. September 24 Robert Andrews
Houston, Tex. September 19 Jessica Clayton
Huntington Village, N.Y. October 16 Robert Andrews
Jacksonville, Fla. October 8 Robert Andrews
Leesburg, Fla. October 24 Jessica Clayton
Manchester, N.H. October 1 Robert Andrews
McLean, Va. September 25 Robert Andrews
Melbourne, Fla. September 18 Becky Guynn
Miami, Fla. September 30 Renee Tuchton
Naples, Fla. October 2 Tobin Birney
New Port Richey, Fla. September 4 Tobin Birney
Philadelphia, Pa. November 14 Robert Andrews
Portland, Maine October 3 Robert Andrews
Richmond, Va. September 23 Robert Andrews
Ridgewood, N.J. October 23 Robert Andrews
Rockville Centre, N.Y. October 10 Robert Andrews
Sarasota, Fla. September 3 Tobin Birney
St. Louis, Mo. October 21 Becky Guynn
St. Louis, Mo. October 22 Becky Guynn
St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Fla. September 29 Tobin Birney
Tampa, Fla. September 5 Tobin Birney
Vero Beach, Fla. September 30 Becky Guynn
Warwick, R.I. October 24 Robert Andrews
West Palm Beach, Fla. October 11 Renee Tuchton
Winter Park, Fla. September 24 Becky Guynn
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