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Stetson Magazine

Current Issue: Summer 2014 (30:2)

A Sense of Pride

Stetson Magazine is published triennially on FSC-certified recycled paper and is distributed to alumni, families, faculty, staff and friends of Stetson University. It is the university's official magazine and includes class notes, news, in-depth feature stories, athletics and events from the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Law, the School of Business Administration and the School of Music.

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Print Schedule

  • May 6 (copy deadline: Mar. 22)
  • Oct. 7 (copy deadline: Aug. 23)
  • Jan. 17 (copy deadline: Nov. 15)

VISUAL Magazine

VISUAL Magazine Spring 2014

Current Issue: Spring 2014 (4:2)

Your Life in Focus

VISUAL Magazine is published triennially and is distributed to prospective students. Its stories, told by current students, paint a unique picture of life at the university. Its content gives readers insight into the rigorous academics (in the classroom, in the field and across the globe), vibrant campus life and values which, when taken together, represent the university's rich educational tradition.

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