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Ben Falter

Executive Director

  • Education: B.S., St. Vincent College; M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Hometown: New Kensington, Pennsylvania
  • Fun Fact: I love street foods like food trucks and corner vendors

Monica Saldarriaga

Coordinator for Residential Programs

  • Education: B.S., University of Central Florida; M.A., University of Central Florida
  • Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Fun Fact: I love cooking!
  • Contact:

Jeanette Cornier

Administrative Specialist III

  • Hometown: Mountain View, California
  • Fun Fact: I am a movie fanatic and love to be with my family.

Barbara Hawkins

Residential Life Coordinator

Conrad, Emily and Chaudoin Hall

  • Education: B.A. Florida International University, M.A. Michigan State University
  • Hometown: Spring, Maryland
  • Fun Fact: I've done community service work in Managua, Nicaragua.
  • Contact:

Colin MacFarlane

Assistant Director of Housing Operations

  • Education: B.A., Hamline University
  • Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Fun Fact: I loved bacon way before it was cool.
  • Contact:

RC Stabile

Residential Life Coordinator

Hatter Hall, Houses 1-5 and Houses A-E

  • Education: B.A., Iona College; M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Hometown: East Islip, New York
  • Fun Fact: I teach Spin at the Hollis Center.
  • Contact:

Aaron Distler

Residential Life Coordinator

Carson-Hollis, Clarion Hotel, Gordis and Smith Hall

  • Education: B.S., M.A., University of Central Florida
  • Hometown: Galena, Illinois
  • Fun Fact: I love midnight movie releases
  • Contact:

Chris Hovel

Residential Life Coordinator

Stetson Cove, University Village Apartments, Nemec Hall and University Hall

  • Education: B.A., University of North Florida; M.Ed., University of West Florida
  • Hometown: College Park, Florida
  • Fun Fact: I am the middle of five siblings
  • Contact:
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