Spring 2014 Closing Information

As we approach the end of the semester, we wanted to take a moment to communicate information about end-of-the-year closing policies and procedures. All residents must leave within 24 hours of their last final exam, or by Wednesday, May 7 at noon (whichever is sooner). Please plan ahead and make arrangements now to be out of your room by the deadline. Your R.A. will be having a mandatory hall meeting before finals to review this information as well as give you some other very important information regarding the hall closing process.

Quiet Hours:

Effective on April 30 at 10 p.m., 24/7 quiet hours will begin campus-wide. Quiet Hours are meant to ensure that all students have the ability to sleep, study and prepare for end-of-the-semester academic work without being interrupted. Students who violate Quiet Hours will be automatically documented and referred to our Office of Community Standards. Students who violate university policies during this time may be asked to leave immediately.

Check-Out Procedure

In preparation for check-out, you'll need to:

  • Remove your belongings from the room
  • Clean your room (and bathroom/common area, if applicable)
  • Reset your furniture (bed de-lofted and loft kit returned to designated storage space, bed debunked, bed frame set below highest rung and above lowest rung, furniture unstacked)

When you have done all of that, you may call the R.A. on the duty phone (phone numbers are posted on the entrance doors to the buildings) and they will come collect your keys from you and confirm you have emptied, cleaned and reset your room.

When leaving, make sure that:

  • All belongings are removed from the room.
  • The furniture is reset (beds debunked/de-lofted, bed frame set in at the midpoint, furniture unstacked)
  • Room is cleaned/vacuumed/swept.
  • All windows and doors are closed and locked, and all blinds are down and closed.
  • All trash and recycling is removed from the room and placed in to dumpsters or recycling bins.
  • All lights are turned off.
  • All air conditioning units are set to their coldest temperature.
  • Loft kits, pins and metal bars are returned to their central location for your building. (Your RA can identify that location for you.)

Please ask your R.A. or contact our main office if you have any questions regarding the closing process. It is your responsibility to know what to do, but we are more than happy to answer questions. Thanks!

Graduating Residents

Graduating residents have the option of requesting to stay after graduation until Sunday, May 11 at 10 a.m.

  • Requests must be submitted through Housing Central by April 21.
  • Please be aware that overnight guests are not permitted in residence after the buildings officially close (Noon on May 8).
  • Students violating policy or not abiding with staff instructions will be asked to leave immediately.

Late Stay Requests

Students who meet specific criteria may be granted limited ability to remain after the closing deadline. Students (including graduating seniors) wishing to request a late stay must complete the Late Stay Request Spring 2014 form through Housing Central by April 21; requests will be responded to by April 28. Note that the residence hall closing dates have been published on the University Academic Calendar and Catalog since last year, so we cannot grant exceptions due to lack of planning or personal/family/job/travel issues.

Students who may be permitted for Late Stay are:

  • Graduating students
  • NCAA varsity in-season student-athletes*
  • Students participating in commencement as Marshals or in the Music Ensemble
  • Students who will be transitioning to summer housing with our office on May 14th*

Students groups marked with an asterisk (*) do not need to submit a late stay request - you will be automatically added to the approved late stay list.