Community School of Music

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Founded in 1985, Stetson University’s Community School of Music has been providing the highest quality musical education to Central Floridians of all ages for decades! Our association with the Stetson University School of Music continually provides our students with talented and qualified teachers, collegiate-level facilities for lessons and performances, and a gateway to advanced musical study. Many Community School students have gone on to study music at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and have made their careers in music! Whether your aim is to introduce a young child to the wonderful world of music, to pursue advanced musical study, or just to have fun and learn a new skill, the Community School of Music at Stetson University is the ideal place to start and continue making music!

At the Stetson Community School of Music, we offer individual lessons in a great variety of instruments for children and adults. You can choose to study with one of Stetson University’s talented music students, or with a degreed musician. Learn more about private music lessons here!

We offer many programs for children, starting with our Orff Schulwerk program, for children ages 3-9. Orff Schulwerk is a tried and true method of music education for young children that develops musicality, creativity, and confidence. Learn more about our program here!

Our Young Singers program is a treble choir composed of elementary, middle, and high school voices. This program has been a cornerstone of the Community School for decades, and has previously taken trips to Tampa, Louisville, KY, and even Scotland! Learn more here!

Our Youth String Orchestra program is growing fast and on the rise! Open to all school age string players, there is a place for both beginners and advanced musicians in this wonderful group. This program offers individualized attention from our conductor that is an excellent supplement to school orchestra programs, or a great way to start an orchestral education! Learn more here!

We are also able to offer workshops, masterclasses, and other special programs that involve Stetson University's world class music faculty! See our upcoming workshops and masterclasses here.

We sincerely hope that you choose to pursue your musical study at the Stetson University Community School of Music!