Spring Events

We have lots coming up this term at the Museum, with our first Science Saturday (a beading and mineral workshop) taking place on February 13th. For more information on upcoming events, please see our Science Saturday and Science Cafe pages

Sandhill Symphony: A Natural History of High Pine

Note: Sandhill Symphony is currently being updated, and will be back on display February 10th.

Along with its permanent collection of minerals and earth science displays, including one about Smithsonian benefactor, James Smithson (a mineralogist in his own right), the museum celebrates the opening of a new photographic exhibit

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 More than 300 images, taken by Stetson University Professor Peter May (Biology), will introduce visitors to the flora and fauna of this vanishing ecosystem.

Dates at a Glance

  • February 13th - Science Sat : We Love Rocks & Minerals
  • February 25th - Sci Cafe: Stetson's Water Institute
  • March 10th - Sci Cafe: Research in Cancer and Nutrition
  • March 12th - The Buzz & Physics Extravanganza
  • April 16th - Science Sat : Earth Day
  • April 21st - Sci Cafe: Conservation in the Era of Climate Change


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