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The Gillespie Museum has over 15,000 rock and mineral specimens in its collection, of which only a portion are on permanent display. Stored specimens are revealed through rotating exhibits that change either per semester or annually. The museum also has much to offer beyond rocks and minerals:

Temporary Exhibits

Common Clay, and Otherwise

An environmental sculpture installation and display on Florida clay.

Exhibit Opening: Saturday, September 27, 2014

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Permanent Exhibits

  • Science on Display - The Historic Gillespie Collection (NEW)
  • Main Gallery Displays
    • Minerals A-Z
    • Wulfenite, smithsonite, calcite and quartz
    • Amethyst Vug
    • Meteorites - Messengers from Space
    • The Beauty of Petrified Wood
  • The Ancient Art of Marble Inlay
  • Gemstones & Birthstones
  • Florida Natural History
  • The Underground World
  • The Rock Cycle
  • Volcanoes

Rotating Exhibits

The Berzelian Classification System

One of the simplest classification systems for minerals, consisting of only eight groups; more frequently used by mineralogists, the new Dana System has 73 classes (not ideal for museum interpretation).

Smithson, Smithsonite, and the Smithsonian

In celebration of Smithsonian Day - highlights the contributions of James Smithson (1765-1820), the British chemist and mineralogist who was the benefactor of our national museum system.

Outdoor Exhibits

  • Florida Native Plant Landscape
  • Sandhill Teaching Landscape
  • Pollination Station

Past Exhibits

  • A Wild Life: Protecting Black Bears in Florida
  • Ross Allen & Florida Natural History
  • Southwest by Southeast: Historic Collections of the Gillespie Museum
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