Frequently Asked Questions

Who is qualified to participate in Student Employment?

The student employment program at Stetson University pays students for services through a combination of federal, state and institutional funding. Most students interested in working on campus will qualify for one of these funding sources, although the final decision of eligibility will be made by the Office of Student Financial Planning at the time of hire.

Does the Office of Student Financial Planning place students in positions?

The Office of Student Financial Planning does not place students into positions. Departments are given sole authority to select the students they wish to hire and the Office of Student Financial Planning confirms the student's eligibility to work at the time of hire. However, our office does provide resources to locate employment on campus. Please see the Getting Hired page for more detailed information.

What type of earnings should I expect through the program?

Most students will be paid an hourly rate of $8.00 and will be eligible to earn up to, but no more than, $2000.00 per fiscal year. The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. Students may, at the discretion of their supervisor and subject to approval through the Office of Student Financial Planning, be paid at a different rate or through a monthly stipend. Students should also be aware that they cannot work more than 20 hours per week while participating in the student employment program.

How often do students receive payment for hours worked?

Students will be paid once monthly on the 15th of the month, following the month worked. Students will receive payment in the form of a check delivered to their campus boxes unless they have made prior arrangements to establish Direct Deposit. Please see the Direct Deposit Authorization and Agreement form on the Payroll Services page for more information on Direct Deposit.

My financial aid award included a work study allocation, what does this mean?

Students awarded a federal work study allocation as part of their financial aid award demonstrated a specific level of need on the results of their FAFSA. These students are eligible to seek on-campus employment through available resources and will be able to earn a portion or all of their allocated work study funds if they're hired. Receiving an allocation of work study funds with your initial financial aid award does not guarantee placement in a position on campus or that you will be able to earn all of the allocated funds.

If I have been hired by a department on campus, is there anything further I need to do to be eligible to receive payment?

Yes. Once hired, students must complete several forms as determined by federal, state and institutional regulations. More specific information about these requirements is available on the Getting Hired page. Newly hired students are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Policies and Procedures page of this website.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Students may contact Nora Huth in the Office of Student Financial Planning with any additional questions. Students may also contact Eva Mendez in Student Payroll with questions concerning payment for hours worked.