Enrich. Improve. Enhance. Refine. Supplement. Develop. Cultivate.

That’s what summers are like at Stetson. Whether you are a college student looking for credit bearing academic courses (online, in-seat or study-away), a young person trying to build learn more about science, math, or languages, or a musician or athlete fine tuning andpracticing essential skills, summer at Stetson just makes sense and help you go further, faster.

There are three categories: courses for college students, academic camps for ages six to 18, specialty camps in music and athletics for youth. Imagine the possibilities!

Academic Camps (K-12)

Stetson offers a number academic enrichment camps for ages 6-17. Traditional summer camps are included and available. Take your summer to the next level this year with one of our academic enrichment camps!

Bonner Summer Leadership Program

Since 2005, the Bonner Program has been a catalyst for student-led community transformation and social justice at Stetson University. Bonner students work with partners in our community in many ways, each intent on collectively and collaboratively solving problems in our community through service internships.

Destination Science

Expect much more than just fun memories. Our four week-long programs are bursting with innovative, imaginative and unexpected science adventures for boys and girls ages 6 to 12.

HATS Program

The HATS Program provides year-round academic enrichment for high-achieving and gifted students.

The Reading Institute

For an enjoyable activity with lifelong benefits, the Office of Continuing Education recommends one of our eight different reading skills programs, designed and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development.


Design, build, create, and explore! Bricks4Kidz is all about creating while having fun. Explore the world of mathematics and science through hand-ons projects and instruction.

Specialized Activity Camps


Stetson offers a number of athletic camps for multiple sports open for registration.


For all the musicians looking to hone their craft this Summer @ Stetson! Explore all of the choices that Stetson has to offer this year!

Summer Study (for credit)

Study Online

Stetson offers a hands-on approach to help students achieve their personal and professional goals. Our student-centered approach by Stetson’s best faculty provides students virtually anywhere with a personal learning experience.

Study Away

Expand your horizons through our far-reaching range of study away programs in the U.S. and across the globe. Experience first hand how culture and place impact global affairs while learning essential knowledge and skills that will help you be competitive in the global marketplace.

Study On Campus

Our focused, on-campus summer courses ensure you have the foundational and advanced knowledge and relevant skills you need to get ahead today and stay ahead tomorrow. Our top faculty offer relevant and condensed coursework.