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Summer Classes for Stetson Students

Summer 2015 is weeks away, and Stetson is offering a variety of on-campus and online courses — taught by our exceptional faculty in many areas of study. Summer classes are small and engaging.

Summer classes help students:

  • add a minor or second major
  • accelerate their academic program
  • keep on track for graduation
  • take required and elective classes that are hard to schedule in the fall and spring semesters
  • study on campus, at home, or anywhere in the world

For undergraduates, we offer three (3) terms:

  • On-campus: May 14 – June 12
  • On-campus: June 15 – July 14
  • On-campus or Online: May 14 – July 1

Our online classes are great opportunities for students who are working through the summer or travelling to continue their Stetson education. Some online classes meet at designated times of the day, but most are designed for students to do course work at whatever time of the day they choose.


Full-Unit Course: $1,992

Quarter-Unit Course: $498

Half-Unit Course: $996

Three-Quarter-Unit Course: $1,494

Internship Course Unit Rate: $498

Internships will be priced by course unit proportion (e.g., a half-unit internship will be assessed a fee of $249).

Courses that are audited are 25 percent of tuition charge.


Students who elect to enroll in on-campus summer classes: $125 per week for housing.


Students do not need a registration pin to enroll in summer classes. Browse the summer course offerings and register now.

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